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  • Chris Young verifying a weigh station

    MSL offers calibration services


    As New Zealand’s National Metrology Institute, one of our main functions is to provide calibrations traceable to New Zealand’s National Standards and to the SI. All of our routine calibration certificates are recognised internationally as demonstrating traceability to the SI.

  • Resistance Bridge Calibrator

    New Zealand's measurement structure


    The measurement infrastructure in New Zealand presently consists of a number of autonomous organisations with specific and separate responsibilities which cooperate to ensure a coherent measurement system is possible.


    MSL has the primary responsibility for the provision of physical measurement standards.

  • 07-06-2013 New video on the SI and the need to redefine the kilogram.
    A new video has been released giving a brief history of the origin of the international system of units and on the need to update the definition of the kilogram.
  • 20-05-2013 World Metrology Day
    The 20th of May is the date in 1875 when the metre convention was signed by 17 nations. Metre convention has now been signed by 55 nations (including New Zealand) who are full members of the metre convention as well as another 37 nations and economies who are associative members.

Official New Zealand Time

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